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From Siam Corner to Ma Ma Thai

 Mama Thai is the brainchild of Thai entrepreneur, Waraporn Dale otherwise known as ‘Jebe’. Jebe has extensive experience and understands the industry inside out, working her way up through the ranks over the past three decades. She has partnered with popular Thai restaurants, worked in their kitchens in roles such as Commis Chef through to Head Chef and Manager, before deciding to open her own successful group of venues.

Jebe has a love of cooking which was instilled in her at a young age, when she used to watch her parents make beautiful Thai dishes. She soon realised she wanted to help them out, this developed further into the passion for the cuisine she has today.

Over the years, whilst working in other Thai kitchens Jebe had the strong feeling that she ‘could do better’ and started creating high-quality dishes using her own delicious recipes.

She soon realised there was a gap in the market for the high end ‘High So’ style Thai venue & cuisine. She invested a considerable amount of money into her venues to ensure they meet her high standards, in both aesthetics and offerings. She was also quick to acknowledge the popular ‘street-food’ trend and incorporated this into some of her venues.

Today, Jebe currently owns and runs five venues: Lichfield, Newark, Sheldon (East Birmingham – Street Food) and a new venue in Nottingham which opens on 15th November for takeaways. She has also just signed on the dotted line for an exciting new venue in Harborne, Birmingham which will be a mix of High So Thai style with a street food offering in the rear garden. With plans to expand and open further venues in the area and beyond, Jebe has big ambitions.

Mama Thai is all about the quality in food, service and surroundings, with authentic Thai food made from local and fresh ingredients, wherever possible.

Jebe is also very keen to develop young people and enable them to learn about all aspects of the business – she feels that a strong team, who are happy and fulfilled, is the key to success.

She is also in the process of developing a book filled with all of her recipes and top tips on Thai cooking!

CUSTOMER NOTICE!: Please be advised that food prepared here may contain these ingredients : 

C C=Celery
Mu Mu=Mustard
M M=Milk
G G=Gluten, Lupin
Sp Sp=Sulphur Dioxide
H  H=Mild spicy HH=Medium Spicy HHH=Spicy
F F=Fish, Crustaceans, Molasses
V V=Vegetable
E E=Egg 
N N=Nuts, Peanut
S S=Soybean
Se Se=Sesame
  ***Ajard=Carrot, Cucumber and Red Onion Pickle
   *NamYam=Spicy Sauce contains Fish Sauce, Shallot, Ground Roasted Rice & Tamarind


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